Connecting Cobb Home

What do you mean “Residents in Cobb County who are able to access the internet can check out hotspots”?

Hotspots are restricted to library cards that are internet enabled and are resident library cards.

Is the Hotspot password case sensitive?

Yes, you must enter in the password as it is displayed on the device.  Upper and Lower case matter.

What internet service do the hotspots use?

The Hotspots connect to the internet using T-Mobile data.

What is the hotspot?

ZTE Falcon® Z-917 Hotspot.

What happens if I lose it?

Replacement fee is the cost of the device ($80) plus a $10 non-refundable processing fee.

What happens if I turn it in late?

Another person will be unable to check it out and get on the internet. Hotspots more than 5 days overdue may be deactivated by T-Mobile. You will also be charged $1 per day. Hotspots more than two weeks overdue will result in a suspension of hotspot circulation privileges.

Is there filtering?

Yes, filtering is provided via Web Guard.

Can I place the hotspot on hold?

Yes, all of the hotspots are holdable.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

Please call our customer service line at (770) 528-2326.

Connecting Cobb Home