Cobb County Public Library has partnered with Keep Cobb Beautiful to present a new tween/teen fall series on trees and forests, and their wider effect on ecosystems and people.

This virtual program is a four-part series starting on Monday, September 14 from 4 pm  – 5:30 pm. We will meet bi-weekly until Monday, October 26. The series is free, but participants must register to attend.

Each lesson will cover different topics that deals with the intricacies and interconnections of energy systems while giving teens the opportunity to learn about managing public forests.

Trees in the Fall (9/14) – What happens to trees in the colder months, and what effect does this have on the ecosystem? Learn about dormancy, the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees, and carbon sequestration. Discussions will also include the reason fall leaves have different colors, and what it can tell you about the trees themselves. We will make leaf print art with fresh leaves, acrylic paint, and cloth or paper as a canvas.

What’s In Those Leaves? (9/28) – Massive leaf drops like what we experience in temperate regions make a big impact on the life of the forest. Take a closer look at the nutrients leaves provide when they fall, the layers and stages of decomposition, and the critters that thrive in them. We will examine forest floors of tropical evergreen forests, which do not have large annual leaf drops, and the difference it makes to the soil, as well as the plants and animals that live there. Our project will be pressing leaves, and discussing how to create a leaf notebook and ways to use pressed leaves in crafts.

Ecosystems in Autumn (10/12) – What happens to plants, cold-blooded animals, and arthropods such as insects when it gets cold? Why do they disappear? Where do they go? How does their absence impact the ecosystem? The craft will be creating a leaf print dish from bake-able or air dry clay, a fresh leaf at least the size of the palm of your hand, and a knife.

500 Acre Wood Challenge (10/26) – 500 acres of previously private forest is being given to a town for whatever public purpose they see fit. The “stakeholders” (residents and future users of the space) cannot seem to agree on how best to use the land. From the perspective of different assigned stakeholder groups, students will present their group’s ideal use of the land. Will they be able to reach a satisfactory compromise? Learn about forest management on public land, and how big decisions involve the input of many people, often with vastly different opinions and priorities. By taking a leading role in the activity, use critical thinking, debate, and problem solving skills to reach an agreement. We will check on our pressed leaves and use them in a collage or leaf notebook.


PLEASE NOTE: This program will occur online and will not take place in the library. See the link below to join the waiting list for the program at the specified time


Registration for this program is required. Please click here to register. After you register, you will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email before each meeting. The reminder email will have the Google Meet room code required for you to join. Please only register if you intend to come to at least 3 of the meetings.


Keep Cobb Beautiful specializes in developing fun and engaging lessons and activities for all ages on environmental topics.

www.cobbcounty.org/keep-cobb-beautiful    @KeepCobbBeautiful


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Keep Cobb Beautiful with New Teen Series
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