Bullard Elementary School student Suhas Kommareddi has been coming to Cobb County Public Libraries for years. Suhas has participated in storytimes and hands-on STEAM events.

The storytimes and library staff members encouraged him as he learned how to read. It’s not the text alone that tells the story, he says. The illustrations are just as important, especially to younger children who haven’t learned to comprehend words yet.

“Sometimes pictures say a lot more than text, especially when you’re little and don’t know how to read. When I started going to storytime with Miss April at West Cobb Library I learned that reading picture books can be fun.”

Suhas became dedicated to reading and was excited to discover that the library has a program that rewards reading, 1000 Books B4 Kindergarten.

The 1000 B4K initiative supports early literacy. Each time a child finishes 100-book milestones they get a badge to celebrate up through the goal of 1000.

His enthusiasm for reading persisted after his 1000 B4K. He started reading to his little sister Shriya, and that’s when he realized he wanted other kids to experience and share his love of learning, so he got creative.

In April, Suhas started his own YouTube channel called “Fun2Learn”. Suhas and Shriya read library books aloud, build LEGO creations, and demonstrate science experiments that he learned at STEAM programs.

“Salt & Ice Ball” and “Duck Feathers & Oil” are among a few of his favorites, both of which he first learned about at West Cobb Regional Library’s STEAM program, a hands-on program targeted to teach children the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

“I wanted to share the experiments that I learned in Miss Suzanne’s STEAM program so other kids could see the outcome.”

Suhas has learned a lot from his libraries and he hopes to spread his knowledge to other children. His ingenuity is already making waves across his social media platform. “Fun2Learn” has reached nations across the globe, all from right here in Cobb County.

He hopes to inspire others to experience lifetime engagements with their local libraries.

For more information on our 1000 Books B4 Kindergarten visit www.cobbcat.org/1000b4k/

For more information on our upcoming STEAM programs visit www.cobbcat.org/?s=STEAM

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