IknowsomeonewithdiabetesNovember is American Diabetes Month and November 14 is World Diabetes Day. Nearly 10 percent of the Georgia adult population has diabetes, according the Georgia Department of Public Health.

The Cobb County Public Library System assists patrons seeking information on diabetes and all other health issues in a variety of ways. Health resources include books, CCPLS’ E-Library and periodicals. You’re encouraged to ask CCPLS reference librarians for assistance in locating health information.

Books in the Library System published by the American Diabetes Association include:

Other books on diabetes and related topics, such as healthy foods, include:

CCPLS’ E-Library: Health Resources section includes information on diabetes, ranging from fact sheets, tutorials, and scholarly medical articles. Other resources include the American Diabetes Association, Georgia Department of Public Health, Cobb & Douglas Public Health, and Cobb Senior Services.

World Diabetes Day is November 14
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