Hello, everyone, and happy summer! I bet you are very glad that it’s summer vacation! Summer vacation is a great time to read lots of new books!

This year is a special year for children’s books. It is the 75th anniversary of the Caldecott Medal! The Caldecott Medal is an award for the “most distinguished American picture book for children”. The first Caldecott Medal was awarded in 1938!

I thought it would be fun to honor the Caldecott Medal this summer so I’m going to choose a Caldecott winner every week as my weekly winner. I hope you enjoy the Caldecott winners I pick!

This week my winner is Mei Li by Thomas Handforth. Mei Li won the Caldecott Medal in 1939. It is the story of little girl named Mei Li who lives in China. She and her brother go to the city to attend the New Year’s Eve fair. The fair looks like a lot of fun! After the fair, Mei Li goes home where she is greeted by a visitor. Of course, I will not tell you who the visitor is because I hope you will read this book to find out!

Happy reading!

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Willard’s Weekly Winner – June 3
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