Good morning, friends! Willard here!

It has been very rainy lately, hasn’t it? I know rain is good for the grass, the trees, and the flowers, but sometimes when it is rainy I wish it was sunny so I could play outside. I love to play outside in the sun! When it is raining, I have to stay in my house. What sort of fun can I have in my house?

My winner this week answers just that question! It is Dr. Seuss’s book The cat in the hat! I know you have heard of this book before. Have you already read it? I think it would be fun to read it again on a rainy day because it is a rainy day in the book, too!

“The sun did not shine.

It was too wet to play.

So we sat in the house

all that cold, cold, wet day.”

I hope you will enjoy this rainy day by reading a fun rainy day book!

Happy reading!

Your friend,


Willard’s Weekly Winner – April 29
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