Good morning and Happy National Library Week!

National Library Week is my favorite week of the year because I love my library so much! National Library Week is a time to celebrate all the ways the library helps people in the community. For me, I go to the library to check out books, to find information for homework and school projects, to go to story time, and to use the computer. What do you use the library for? How has your library helped you?

There are lots of great library books about libraries. It was hard to choose just one! But my winner this week is one of my favorite books about libraries. It is called Carlo and the really nice librarian by Jessica Spanyol. I chose this book to share because it tells about libraries and librarians. I think librarians are a very important part of the library because they can help you find the book or the information you are looking for.

I hope you will visit your library during National Library Week!

Happy reading!

Your friend,


Willard’s Weekly Winner – April 15
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