Good morning, everyone! And happy April!

I can’t believe that it’s April already. And it is such a beautiful day! I hope you will all be able to enjoy the sunshine today.

Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? It is a month to celebrate poetry. A great way to celebrate poetry is to check out a poetry book from the library! Then you can read a different poem every day during National Poetry Month!

My winner this week is a poetry book called Comets, stars, the moon, and Mars by Douglas Florian. This is one of my favorite poetry books. It has lots of poems about outer space. My favorite poem in this book is called Pluto, but I will not tell you about it because I hope you will read it yourself! It is a very funny poem!

I hope you enjoy this first day of National Poetry Month. I wonder what your favorite poem is? Maybe you can tell me your favorite poem by commenting on this post!

Happy reading!

Your friend,


Willard’s Weekly Winner – April 1
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