Every Monday, we’ll see what book Dewey is reading! Over the summer, all Dewey’s books will be nonfiction science books in honor of the Fizz Boom Read Summer Reading Program! And since Dewey is named in honor of Melville Dewey, the creator of the Dewey Decimal System of Classification, we will learn a bit about how the Dewey Decimal System works, too!

So, what’s Dewey reading today…?


Dewey’s reading The Visual Dictionary of Physics by Jack Challoner! This book’s call number is J 530.03 Cha. Librarians read it as J five thirty point zero three (not five hundred thirty point zero three). Both numbers after the decimal point are important and must be verbalized. So we say point zero three. If we ignored the zero and said simply point three that would be a different call number. The number 530 tells us that the book is about physics in general while the .03 narrows the topic of general physics to the philosophy and theory of physics. That makes sense since this book is a dictionary of physics!

What’s Dewey Reading?