Dewey, the Cobb County Library System’s mascot, loves to read! He reads picture books, easy reader books, chapter books, nonfiction books, everything! Would you like to know what Dewey’s reading? Then you’re in luck! Every Monday you’ll find out what Dewey’s reading!

So, what’s Dewey reading today…?


Dewey’s reading Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin. This book’s call number is J 551.57 Mar. Librarians read the call number as J Five fifty-one point five seven (not five hundred fifty-one point fifty-seven). I bet you can tell what this book is about by looking at the cover of the book and reading the title. That’s right! It’s about snowflakes!


Wilson Bentley was a man who studied snowflakes. He was the first person to look at snowflakes under a microscope. And guess what he discovered? Every snowflake is unique; no two snowflakes look alike! Isn’t that amazing? Here is a picture of some of Wilson Bentley’s snowflake photographs.

What’s Dewey Reading?