Dewey, the Cobb County Library System’s mascot, loves to read! He reads picture books, easy reader books, chapter books, nonfiction books, everything! Would you like to know what Dewey’s reading? Then you’re in luck! Every Monday you’ll find out what Dewey’s reading!

So, what’s Dewey reading today…?


Dewey’s reading Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner! This book’s call number is J 591.43 Messner. Librarians read the call number as J Five ninety-one point four three (not five hundred ninety-one point forty-three). Based on the Dewey Decimal number, can you figure out what this book is about? You can search Dewey Decimal numbers using this website: On you can click through the Dewey classifications to discover what a call number is about. For example, for our book you will click 500 Science, then click 59 Animals, then click 591 Specific topics in natural history of animals, then click 591.4 Physical adaptation, then click 591.43 Seasonal adaptation. So our book is about a seasonal adaptation… hibernation!

What’s Dewey Reading?