Dewey, the Cobb County Library System’s mascot, loves to read! He reads picture books, easy reader books, chapter books, nonfiction books, everything! Would you like to know what Dewey’s reading? Then you’re in luck! Every Monday you’ll find out what Dewey’s reading!

So, what’s Dewey reading today…?


Dewey’s reading La oruga muy hambrienta by Eric Carle! This book’s call number is J Spanish Carle. Does that call number look different from other call numbers you’ve seen? What’s different about it? That’s right! It says “Spanish”. If a call number has a foreign language in it, it means that the book is written in that language. Cobb County libraries have books in Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, and lots more!

How do you find a book in a foreign language in the catalog? In the old catalog, you click Power Search and choose a language under Language. You don’t need to type in anything else. If you simply choose a language and click Search you will get a list of materials.

In the new catalog, you click Advanced Search and choose a language under Language. Again, you don’t need to type anything else in, but you may want to limit your search to books if you don’t want to see a list of foreign language DVDs!

What’s Dewey Reading?