Dewey, the Cobb County Library System’s mascot, loves to read! He reads picture books, easy reader books, chapter books, nonfiction books, everything! Would you like to know what Dewey’s reading? Then you’re in luck! Every Monday you’ll find out what Dewey’s reading!

So, what’s Dewey reading today…?


Dewey’s reading The Constellations: Stars and Stories by Chris Sasaki! This book’s call number is J 523.8 Sasaki and JR 523.8 Sasaki. Why does this book have two call numbers? Well, the first call number is for the circulating copies of the book, and the second call number is for the reference copies of the book. Circulating is a library term that means “able to check out” or “able to take home”. Reference books, on the other hand, are books that stay in the library; they may not be checked out or taken home.

Why do reference books stay in the library? That way, students working on projects and homework will always have certain books available to use. Encyclopedias are great examples of reference books that would help with homework. The Constellations: Stars and Stories is a reference book that might only be useful if your homework is about astronomy or mythology.

What’s Dewey Reading?