Dewey, the Cobb County Library System’s mascot, loves to read! He reads picture books, easy reader books, chapter books, nonfiction books, everything! Would you like to know what Dewey’s reading? Then you’re in luck! Every Monday you’ll find out what Dewey’s reading!

So, what’s Dewey reading today…?

Dragon-coverDewey’s reading Have You Seen My Dragon? by Steve Light! This book’s call number is JP Light. We’re experts at this call number!

But here’s a new question: when you look up this book in the catalog, how can you tell what this book is about? Easy! In the new catalog (if you click the link in this blog post it will bring you to the new catalog), you click on the title of the book and you will see an abstract for the book. Abstract is a fancy word for a summary. It will tell you a little bit about the book. In the old catalog, you click on the title of the book, then you click on the tab that says “catalog record”. You will see a summary for the book. Summaries are useful, aren’t they? They can help you decide if this is the book for you!

What’s Dewey Reading?