To place a reserve (hold) on an item, first locate it in our catalog. Check the item record carefully to ensure that you are choosing the desired format or edition. The catalog may contain multiple entries for the same title, with some representing large print books, audiobooks on cassette and CD, and even electronic books. Once you have identified the desired title and format, click on PLACE HOLD on the right-hand side of the page.

You must log in now with your account number and PIN if you have not done so at the beginning of the search session. Be sure to choose the library location for pick h

The system will tell you if your “hold” has been successfully placed.

Reserves may not be placed on items that do not check out, such as reference books, databases, or other non-deliverable items.

To review your holds, log in to Cobbcat. Click on the “Holds” tab to see the items you have on reserve. You may cancel these holds at any time by clicking in the box next to the title(s) and clicking on Cancel Selected Holds. If you wish to change the pick-up library, please call any of our libraries and ask for staff assistance.

You will be notified by telephone or email when the item is available for pick-up. Expect to wait at least 3-5 days, depending on availability and other factors, for items to be pulled and set aside in your name.

If you need to pick up materials within 24-48 hours of placing the reserve, please call libraries showing available copies and arrange for the item(s) to be located and set aside for you. Materials will be held for three days from the date they are set aside for you. If you need additional time to pick up the material, please contact library staff.

Library policy requires that you either pick up the material in person or arrange with library staff ahead of time to have the material picked up by someone else.

If the item you want is not in Cobbcat, please contact a library staff member for possible options. A list of helpful phone numbers can be found on our Library Locations page.