Are you a culinary enthusiast looking to explore new dishes and share your recipes?

Kemp Memorial Library has a free Cooking Club open to the public that meets once monthly to dine and dish about all things food related.

Kemp’s Branch Manager Maria Dominguez heads the club, noting that each member brings a unique take on cooking. She says that the club has opened the door to forming friendships over the shared experience of trying new dishes.

Cooking Club offers an atmosphere of celebration and creativity. “What we do is very simple and laid back,” Dominguez said. Each month the club members choose a theme and then whip up a recipe for their meeting. When they get together they discuss their dishes and explain how they made them.

Club member Kathleen Jenkins says that learning how to make new dishes is her favorite thing about the club. “I love trading tips and techniques with other members.”

Susan Vander Wyk, another club chef, says she loves that there is such a blend of diverse cooking abilities. “It leads the participants to discuss recipe changes, additions, or the level of difficulty of a recipe.”

The diversity of the dishes is what leads many of the group members to participate. “We all come from different backgrounds and lifestyles but we’ve bonded over a love of food,” notes Bridgette Clune, a member who is responsible for one of the most popular themes so far. James Clune is called the club’s “resident chef.” Bridgette Clune came up with the idea for an Oscar related theme in February that spawned such dishes as “Pasta-Blanca” and “On Golden Pond” pudding. Several club members praised Vicki Williams’ “On Golden Pond” dish.

Vicki Williams’ “On Golden Pond” pudding inspired by “The Oscars” theme.

Cooking Club meets on the third Thursday of each month. Mark your calendars for the following dates and times:

Swap recipes, try new foods, and talk about your favorite snacks with all of your baking buddies! You don’t have to be a master chef to join!

For more information, call Maria Dominguez at (770) 528-2527

Kemp Memorial Library, 4209 Due West Road, Marietta 30064.  (770) 528-2527.

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