“Jack’s gone now and there was no time to say goodbye. To share one last smile, a final kiss. I’ll never see him again.”

The Best Lies by Sara Lyu weaves the past and the present of seventeen-year-old Remy Tsai. When Remy’s boyfriend, Jack, is shot by her best friend Elise, Remy is forced by a police investigation to probe her memories for the truth.

What she knows is that she was happy once. She had Jack. She had Elise. But after Jack is killed Remy has to sift through her memories for a scrap of evidence that could save the friendship that had once meant everything to her. In the process it reveals something more sinister.


“Everything builds to a reveal that readers will most likely see coming, but the empathetic portrayal of two hurting girls who love each other but ultimately can’t help each other shines through.” –Beth McIntyre, Booklist


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‘The Best Lies’ is Fast-Paced YA Thriller to Obsess About
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