“A mystery that has survived decades, the loss of the Titanic two hundred miles off the coast of North America remains a defining moment in American history.”  Ghosts of the Titanic by Charles R. Pellegrino is just one of the many books on the shelves at Cobb County Public Libraries that look into what really happened the night the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank, killing over 1500 people.

It’s hard to know for certain exactly what happened, but throughout the years, from witness accounts to probing investigations, historians are doing their best to piece the tragedy of the Titanic together.

Atlanta resident Joshua Noble has been researching the “unsinkable ship” since he was a child. He used his local libraries as a resource by checking out every book he could find on the topic. Throughout the years he has learned many things about what the passengers and crew witnessed that night and has played a role with other historians in helping piece the events of the shipwreck together.

Joshua has a display of Titanic artifacts at Switzer Library. And on Saturday, February 2 from 1 pm – 2 pm, he will be bringing in additional artifacts and giving a special presentation for other history buffs during our Titanic Lecture and Artifact Exhibit.


Titanic Expert Joshua Noble

Joshua Noble is a piano teacher from Atlanta. He has always had a fascination with history, particularly Musical History, American History and Maritime History. He is currently an admin of the Titanic Gazette and Death of the RMS Titanic Facebook Group.

Take a Walk Through History with Titanic Lecture and Artifact Exhibit: Saturday, February 2nd @ Switzer Library
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