Summer Reading 2017 has ended!  You can still log minutes!


Build a Better World

May 15 – July 29, 2017


The Summer Reading Program encourages participants of all ages to keep reading and learning through the summer. To learn how to participate, select the appropriate age group above.

We’ve partnered with Cobb County School District, Marietta City School, Smyrna Public Library, and Scholastic. Join us this summer and help us Build a Better World!


Visit your favorite library and attend library events!

Read lots of great books!

Win books, badges, and more!


Why should I participate?

SRP is for all of Cobb County. Fun. Social. Entertaining. With positive outcomes for everyone!

The Early Literacy Program is about young children building reading and language skills. Reading to young children, even infants, increases word recognition and vocabulary.

The Children’s Program engages kids in language skills development for success. Students are at risk of losing 2-3 months of reading and math over the summer. The Summer Reading Program is a fun way to keep students learning!

The Teen Program motivates teens to read and talk about literature. Teens who participate in Summer Reading tend to perform better academically and achieve greater academic gains than those who don’t.

The Adult Program is about experiencing the joy of reading. Reading relieves stress, strengthens the brain, and builds empathy.


srp 2017 cobb county schools

Cobb County students – find suggested reading lists, resources, and more!

srp 2017 marietta city schools

Marietta City students – find suggested reading lists, resources, and more!

srp 2017 library resources

Find eBooks, online databases, and more!