STEAM Club: Attack on the Fort at Powder Springs Library is a program for kids to test their ingenuity by building forts out of some crafty materials on Monday, October 30th from 4 pm – 5 pm. One kid’s trash is another kid’s treasure. Kids will put on their best engineer hats and construct forts from every day household items like paper towel rolls, Styrofoam, craft sticks, and a bunch of other fun stuff provided by the library.

Once the buildings have been constructed, kids will put together a catapult and battle one another by trying to demolish each other’s forts. See how well your building holds up against attackers with Styrofoam balls!

Ages 9-14.

Powder Springs Library is located at 4181 Atlanta Street, Building 1, Powder Springs, 30127.

STEAM Club explores Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math with hands-on activities. For more information about STEAM Club contact us at (770) 439-3600.

STEAM Club: Design, Build and Defend Your Fort @ Powder Springs on Monday at 4 pm
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