From left: Tammie, Graeme, and Claudia Lindeberg with librarian April Cota-Hobbs

Christmas arrived several days early to the West Cobb Regional Library Youth Services Department thanks to the generosity and overflowing giving spirit of one of its young patrons.

Here’s the story, from West Cobb Regional Library manager Steven Powell:

“Six-year-old Claudia Lindeberg recently saved some money, and was asked what she planned to do with her bounty.  Claudia said she would like to use part of her money to buy something for the library.  Claudia and her family have been visiting the West Cobb branch for several years now, and the generous first grader wanted to show her appreciation for all the good times she experienced at her local library.  Her mother, Tammie Lindeberg, thought that was such a good idea that she decided to add some funds to Claudia’s offering, and then asked West Cobb Youth Services head April Cota-Hobbs for a holiday “Wish List” of items the department would like to have.  Tammie, Claudia, and two-year-old brother Graeme then went Christmas shopping for the library, and brought their gifts to the branch a week before Christmas.

The Lindebergs’ ‘bag of goodies’ included a CD Boombox w/iPod docking station, ink pads and mini-stampers, craft sticks and glue sticks, roll-on painters, and several other craft supplies.  Ms. Lindeberg asked that we not make a big ‘publicity’ deal out of this, and we intend to honor that request.  But in a small, yet hopefully significant way, we want to make sure that other library users find out about this family’s generosity, and we want to publicly thank Claudia and her family for thinking of us, and for their wonderful act of kindness and sharing.”

Six-year-old donates savings to benefit the West Cobb Regional Library