To avoid a “diminished life,” writer Rich Cohen’s father told him after they attended a Chicago Cubs game, “never be a Cubs fan.”  Cohen, eight years old when his father took him to the baseball game, rejected the advice.

Cohen is the author of The Chicago Cubs: Story of a Curse, a new book on the Cubs struggle for a World Series championship spanning 108 years. The Cubs won in 2016, and missed making the 2017 World Series contest by losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Championship Series. The 2017 match-up is the L.A. Dodgers vs. Houston Astros.

From Book List:

Why? Why were the Cubs so bad for so long? [Cohen] names the possible culprits: the ballpark, day baseball, the 1908 team riding to their title by playing gotcha on a boneheaded New York Giants play, a spurned billy goat, the team’s slow acceptance of African American players, the ritual post-game click of Ron Santo’s heels after a win during the ill-fated 1969 season, Sammy Sosa, Steve Bartman, and on and on.

The Cubs were not good because they focused on the wrong things, Cubs president Theo Epstein, perhaps the most qualified to offer an explanation, told Cohen. They always wanted to make sure next year’s team looked like it had a chance to win because the team was going to be up for sale at any moment . . . It means lack of long-term planning. Who knew that all it took to break a 108-year-old curse was plain old common sense and talent?

Several books by Rich Cohen are in the Cobb County public library collection.

Also in the Cobb library catalog: The Cubs Way: The Zen of Building the Best Team in Baseball and Breaking the Curse by Tom Verducci

‘Promise me you will never be a Cubs fan’
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