Here at the Cobb County Public Library System, we’re always looking for new ways to help our users get the information they need. One question we’re asked frequently: how do I use my e-reader to enjoy downloadable library books?

To help answer that question, we’ve developed online tools (like and in-person training sessions (you can find more about those on our calendar, at, and now, we’re offering something new that we’re really excited about: virtual training opportunities!

What is virtual training? It’s simple: it’s a class that’s online. To participate, just visit the training website for the class you’re interested in, register, and then, on the day of the class, log in and watch our resident e-reader expert Burr walk you through the steps to use your e-reader to enjoy downloadable library books. The best part of virtual training is you can take part in the class while you’re sitting at home (you could even be in your pajamas and we’d never know!). So get comfy and enjoy learning!

What you’ll need: a computer and an internet connection. That’s it!

Class information:

So far, we’ve set up two classes: one for Kindle users and one for Nook users. We’ll add more in the future and we’ll add the archives from the classes here too so that, in the event that you miss a class, you can watch it after the fact.

Tuesday, February 26, at 9 am: Virtual Training Session – Kindle. Register: 
Topics covered:

  • How to search for E-books
  • Completing checkout process with Amazon e-book delivery
    • Different Formats (Kindle, EPUB, PDF)
    • Checking out and placing on hold
  • How to Download e-books to Kindle
    • Download via Wi-Fi connection (for Wi-Fi enabled Kindle Devices)
    • Download and transfer via USB cable
  • How to use Amazon to “Manage your Kindle”
    • How to re-download or download after book has been retrieved
    • Return and delete library books from Kindle and Kindle library

Wednesday, February 27, at 9 am: Virtual Training Session – Nook. Register:

Topics covered:

  • How to install Adobe Digital Editions 2.0
  • How to sign up for Adobe ID
  • How to authorize PC with Adobe ID
  • How to authorize e-reader with Adobe ID
  • How to search for e-books
    • Different Formats (EPUB, PDF, Kindle)
    • Checking out and placing on hold
  • How to download E-books to PC
  • Using Adobe Digital Editions
    • How to read e-books
    • Navigate between Reading and Library View
    • Transfer e-books to your Nook
    • Return and delete e-books from PC and e-reader

We hope that you’ll take advantage of these additional learning opportunities. See you online!

New Virtual Training Opportunities