Library Assistant II Stephen Brock of Switzer Library’s media services section has witnessed several people find life-enriching value in DVDs, CDs and audiobooks. He has stories to share of Cobb County library patrons making positive discoveries at the library.

Stephen Brock of Youth and Media Services at Switzer Library

As part of National Library Week 2014, Cobb librarians and library workers are sharing stories of how “Lives change @ your library,” the official theme of National Library Week, April 13-19.

Here are a few of Stephen’s stories:

A patron told me she gets books on CD that the ladies in her office all listen to together. She said before they started doing this, everyone was listening to music or doing something different while they did their work. By listening together, they are a better team, speak to each other more and work together better because of the discourse they have about the books they read makes it easier to talk about other things.

One patron was so happy about what she learned by watching two dance DVDs I showed her, Martha Graham: dance on film and Martha Graham in performance. She has been a dancer all her life and still performs formally and dances just for fun.  She had heard of Martha Graham, but had never seen the style. After watching the films, she incorporated several moves into her repertoire and had people of all ages wowed by her performance. She told me how thankful she is that we have the DVDs.

Many patrons tell me how they survive their commute in Atlanta traffic thanks to the audiobooks they check out from the library. One person told me of being stranded for many hours during the first major snow event this year, but didn’t mind as much because they had a book to listen to the end and then downloaded one from Overdrive and listened until they got through the traffic mess. They said they couldn’t have gotten through that day without those books.

Another patron spends several hours a day in their vehicle driving as part of their job and always asks for recommendations for getting through the day. The patron switched from listening to mostly fiction to focusing on non-fiction, especially the Modern Scholar series. They love the short lecture format and have learned so much while in the course of their day. They’re starting on learning a language now.

A couple from two different countries with very different cultures likes to check out foreign language films we have from their home countries and share their language and culture with each other. They don’t have access to foreign films otherwise and are so thankful we have these to offer. They love them.





Lives Change: Media Services @ your library
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