Cobb County Public Library System provides job search and career development resources designed for promoting positive results.

Bill Carlson of ReferenceUSA led “Land the Job of Your Dreams” workshops April 15 at the Switzer, South Cobb and East Cobb libraries. He showed more than 40 people how to use the ReferenceUSA online research tool to locate jobs and information on businesses.

With technical skills critical for the search and application process for many employment opportunities, public libraries serve as a base for job seekers striving for a successful search. Cobb libraries also offer a variety of resources for career advancement.

As part of National Library Week 2014, Cobb librarians and library workers are sharing how they witness “Lives change @ your library,” the theme of National Library Week, April 13-19.

Job search and career development resources offered to library patrons are frequently backed with help from library staff members, such as assistance with completing online forms.

“Many patrons use the public computers at the library on a daily basis to search for jobs and to fill out job applications,” said Cobb library’s Digital Services Librarian Burr Osoinach. “Any librarian will tell you hearing a patron say ‘Hey, I got that job!’ is one of the great rewards of our careers.”

A benefit of the Cobb library card is the access it provides to online job search and career development resources, such as online courses on project management, business communication, business software, management and leadership, and grant writing.

Many library patrons say they’re glad digital resources are available to them with their library card for a range of needs, from personal growth to entertainment, Osoinach said.

“Since the library began offering downloadable ebooks, e-audio books and magazines, these downloadable resources have become very popular,” Osoinach said.  “Several patrons have sent in comments stating that they love being able to access their library materials online from home and that they enjoy using the new collections.”

Lives Change: Job Search Success and Career Advancement @ your library