Accident! by Andrea Tsurumi is a new picture book about the challenges of dealing with a mishap. It is the first book by the cartoonist and illustrator.

You can reserve a copy of Accident! at your Cobb County Public Library or at

From Booklist:

When Lola the armadillo spills juice all over the sofa, she cries, I’ve ruined everything! There’s only one thing for it, of course: running away. On her dash to the library (they have books and bathrooms), she meets a bear who just obliterated a swing. Then a sheep who accidentally snipped a hose with garden shears. Then a puffer fish who ruins a cake. Then utter chaos ensues: everywhere they run, someone has ruined something.

Tsurumi’s pages are dizzyingly jam-packed with disasters committed by cartoonish animals of all stripes: a bull sheepishly exits a china shop with an armful of broken dishes. A narwhal bursts a balloon with its tusk. A toucan wets his pants. A turtle smashes shell first into a pie. A chicken is served an egg for breakfast! All the while, huge, calamitous words in playful, hand-drawn fonts loom large Fiasco! Big Big Trouble! Wrecked! and, finally, CATASTROPHE, when poor Lola can’t even escape mayhem in the library (check out that owl stamping a library patron’s face).

Luckily, a wise bird reminds Lola that her initial spill was just an accident, and soon everyone’s graciously apologizing and helping to tidy up the city. Tsurumi comically gets to the heart of how children frantically worry about mistakes, and poring over the riotous illustrations is pure joy. This will delight again and again.

“I’ve Ruined Everything!”