genre: crime and mystery

sub genres: detective, suspense, crime/caper, legal thriller

definition: “deals with crimes, their detection, criminals, and their motives”

from Genreflecting: a guide to popular reading interests by Diana Tixier Herald


Guys, I really thought I had this one in the bag. And then I realized my booklist for this genre is FOUR BOOKS LONG. That’s terrible! In my defense, it’s because I do not include books cataloged as Adult in these lists. But still. Four books. Good grief.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t dig into this genre. I really do enjoy mysteries. I picked up my first Nancy Drew, every girl’s first mystery?, in elementary school. I liked Nancy and her friends a lot. They were mature, they seemed very sophisticated to me, and they were smart. They solved mysteries and outwitted criminals. I hoped I’d be that smart and brave if I were ever in the situations they often found themselves in.

When patrons come to the library looking for a good mystery book, I still recommend Nancy Drew. But I think she can be a bit difficult to dive into. A third grader, reading The Bungalow Mystery, asked me what a “jalopy” was. I admit, I didn’t remember the text was so outdated! But it was published in 1930 so what did I expect?


Michael Beil helped me out by publishing The Red Blazer Girls. Four best friends with unique talents that, when put together, can solve the toughest of cases. Stolen jewelry? Found! Missing (and very expensive) musical instruments? Recovered! These girls are unstoppable! Again, I’m drawn to the fact that these girls use their brains. They look at things differently, and it inspires me to look at things differently. I’ll never be Sherlock Holmes, but when I read a mystery I can pretend!

Do you read mysteries? Crime fiction? Why? I like to pretend I’m solving the case along with the characters, but I bet other people read this genre for different reasons. Enlighten me! Maybe you root for the criminals?

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