Georgia K-9 National Training Center Trainer, Allie Raines

Is there anything a dog’s nose can’t do?

Switzer Library will present a program on the different kinds of working dogs and guide dogs and what they do on Tuesday, June 27th from 3 pm to 4 pm. Guest speaker Allie Raines, a professional trainer from Georgia K-9 National Training Center, will be talking about everything service animals can be trained to do.

Many dogs receive specialized training to help communities and organizations in various  ways, a lot of which revolves around their sense of smell. Dogs have a heightened sense of smell and when trained properly they can detect many things that humans can’t. Dog trainers utilize canines’ unique abilities for a variety of jobs.

In the Working Dogs: Building a Better World Through Scent Detection program, Allie Raines will talk about the roles Georgia K-9 National Training Center prepares dogs for. The nationally certified organization focuses on many different disciplines ranging from obedience training to service dog and K-9 police training.

By following their noses, dogs can handle many tasks. Some are trained in search and rescue. When rescuers can’t find someone who is lost or trapped, it is up to their K-9 partners to search all kinds of terrain to locate missing people. Other dogs, such as military and police dogs, learn and perform tasks like detecting explosives, tracking criminals, and searching for drugs. Medical alert dogs are taught to recognize certain medical conditions by scent. They can sniff out diseases and can detect the onset of things such as seizures and panic attacks and alert their owner before it happens.

This presentation will feature a demonstration with a dog in training. This program is free and open to all ages, though children must be accompanied by a caregiver.

“Allie Raines grew up with a passion for animals of all kinds…from a young age she enjoyed volunteering at a local boarding kennel and veterinary office, later adding animal rescues and the local Humane Society to the list.

In March of 2015, Allie decided to pursue her passion for dogs as a full time career and attended the National K-9 School for Dog Trainers, earning the Master Trainer certification with endorsements in many facets of dog training.” -Georgia K-9 National Training Center

Switzer Library, 266 Roswell Street, Marietta 30060. (770) 528-2320

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How Working Dogs Follow Their Noses: Tuesday, June 27th Program @ Switzer Library
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