pokestop viningsPokémon GO players are encouraged to stay alert about their surroundings while having fun at Cobb County public libraries.

Several Cobb library locations are part of the Pokémon GO or PG sensation. Since the recent launch of the popular app, various Cobb County libraries have been designated as Pokéstop and Gym locations for the “augmented reality” game. Pokéstop locations are places players find creatures on their device screen to capture for their PG collections and Gyms give players a chance to face-off with other gamers seeking to control the virtual game location.

Safety is Rule No. 1 for Pokémon GO at Cobb libraries – for players and for library visitors sharing space with people playing PG.

Here are a few tips to keep PG fun at your Cobb libraries:

Heads up! PG players should not stay fixated on the screen to avoid stepping into the paths of other people. Everyone should be aware of PG players who may be distracted while walking through the library or outside. Never drive while playing PG, even in the parking lot.

Avoid playing PG alone. Libraries are safe havens, places that allow people to interact with others in an open, public setting. Still, remain cautious and keep people you don’t know at arm’s length while playing PG.

Observe library rules. Enjoy PG while being respectful of library patrons. Keep library entrances clear. Be mindful of library hours – opening and closing times – so you can play PG while time allows.

Know you are welcomed! Playing PG is a great way to get to know your community, such as historic landmarks, parks and more. While playing at Cobb libraries, take a tour of the library and speak with library staff to explore the free resources offered to Cobb library patrons. Sign-up for a free library card to get access to print items and virtual resources 24/7!

Keep the Pokéfun going with our print Pokémon collection! Have you caught a cool Pokémon at one of our libraries? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Heads Up for Pokémon GO
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