A program on the Great Blue Heron for school age children will be presented at eight Cobb County libraries in June and July. Environmental educators of the Cobb County Water System’s Watershed Stewardship Program will lead the free events.

Sonya Wood Mahler and Perdido, her life-size Great Blue Heron puppet

“Great Blue Heron: Majestic Bird of the Watershed” will include fun activities and stories about the large bird, said Environmental Programs Specialist Sonya Wood Mahler, who is scheduled to lead seven of the events.

Sharing with children how the Great Blue Heron is adapted to its environment and why protecting watersheds is vital are important messages, according to Mahler.  She will be bringing her life-size Great Blue Heron puppet Perdido to the events.

“Kids need outdoor experiences because getting away from a screen is good for their health and building a relationship with nature will help them understand the importance of conservation.” Mahler said.

Mahler has devoted over 35 years to outdoors work – on land and sea – as an award-winning environmental educator with stints in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky, and journeys in the United States and Mexico on educational and humanitarian missions. She is scheduled to lead seven of the eight events, all except the Stratton Library event, which Environmental Programs Specialist Mike Kahle, also a veteran educator and naturalist, is scheduled to lead.

The Great Blue Heron events at Cobb County libraries include:

Several community organizations will be presenting special events during the Cobb County Public Library System’s 2016 Summer Reading Program. The free programs will feature scientists, naturalists, public health educators, police officers, firefighters, expert gardeners and even savvy puppets! Learn more at cobbcat.org/srppartners or call (770) 528-2320.

Great Blue Heron: Majestic Bird of the Watershed @ your Cobb County libraries
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