Fortune EggForget gold pencils and forgotten library cards, patrons of the Powder Springs Branch of the Cobb County Public Library System found something a little more interesting the day before Easter – Fortune Eggs.  Hidden throughout the library were 100 bright plastic eggs, each filled with candy and a library or book themed quotation.  They were in the copy machine, the newspaper rack, on top of computer keyboards, and hidden in the stacks.  As each egg was found, surprised patrons held them up in wonder.

One young patron explained to the librarian that she had found several eggs and the Easter Bunny had written a note just to her.  She couldn’t read it yet, but her Mom was going to read it to her when she was finished on the computer.  The eggs were the brainchild of the Youth Services Librarian, Tara Klodnicki who also dresses up and hands out candy to adults on Halloween.  “Why do kids get to have all the fun?” she asked.  “Everybody should have a chance to trick or treat or find the Golden Egg.”   One of the quotations found in an egg was from W. H. Auden – “Some books are undeservedly forgotten; none are undeservedly remembered.”

For patrons of the Powder Springs Library who found eggs, this was certainly an Easter Saturday to remember.

Story submitted by Tara Klodnicki

Fortune Eggs