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I need help getting started with OverDrive with a specific device.

I am having trouble in OverDrive with a specific device, or I am receiving an error message when I attempt to download an OverDrive book.

How do I return a book early?

  • OverDrive has prepared a HELP page to assist with returning your items early

I received an error that states, “(1) Library Card has expired. Please contact your local library.” or a message that states “(1) User BLOCKED” when I try to sign in to OverDrive.

  • Library cards must be current and in good standing in order to access the downloadable collections.  I f you receive one of these messages, you may need to renew your library card at one of our 16 locations or you may have library fines on your account in excess of $10.00 that are preventing your card from accessing the collection.  Please feel free to contact your local library for assistance and for more information regarding your library account.

I got an error that says “Error! Function call made with one or more invalid parameters: “callback”, “resultId”.”

  • When an OverDrive hold becomes available, but the automatic checkout option is not selected for the item, you may see this error if you attempt to retrieve your item through the main library catalog.  In order to successfully download your available hold, simply open your OverDrive app on your mobile device, select the Cobb County Library from your menu, log in to your OverDrive account, and click on the “Holds” tab.  You should see your item on your “holds” page with the option “Borrow” next to it.  Just click “Borrow,” and you should be able to proceed with your download right away.  If you are using a PC, you can always access your OverDrive account by logging in.  Click the “Holds” tab and select the “Borrow” option on the available hold.


I Need Help Getting started with RBDigital.

  • RBDigital Has prepared help pages that provide How-To articles, Videos, Troubleshooting help, and links to software and Apps for the RBDigital collections.

I’m receiving the error message: ‘Library card or PIN not recognized.  If you are using the mobile app, please go to the website to update’.

    If you see the above error message while on the RBDigital app, please follow these steps:
    1. Go to
    2. Go to Downloads
    3. Select any RBDigital product to open the RBDigital home page
    4. Click “sign in”
    5. Enter the correct RBDigital username and password for the patron’s account used to sign in to the app
    6. The website will display the error: “Library card or PIN not recognized.  If you are using the mobile app, please go to the website to update”
    7. In the error message, the sign in information will change and request the library card & PIN associated with the account.
    8. Enter the correct library card and PIN for the account
    9. The account should complete the sign in process
    10. Go back to the RBDigital app.  Close and reopen the app (no need to sign out).  The app should open with a completed sign in and allow checkouts of RBDigital

I don’t see the magazine back issue that I need in RBDigital Magazines.

      • Back issues in RBDigital Magazines are available from the time that the magazines were added to the library collection.  Some magazine titles have more back issues available than others.  To access the back issues for a magazine, select the desired magazine, and then select “all issues” to see the list of available back issues. If you cannot find the issues that you need, Please feel free to contact your local library for assistance possibly locating the issues through other resources.

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