“Sitting is the new smoking” is an increasingly popular catchphrase in health and fitness circles. Get up!: why your chair is killing you and what you can do about it by James A. Levine is among the latest books on the theme.

GetUpHere’s the Book List review of Get Up!:

According to Levine, codirector of the Mayo Clinic-Arizona State University obesity initiative and inventor of the treadmill desk, for every hour we spend sitting in our chairs, we lose two hours of our lives. In fact, excessive sitting is more dangerous to your health than smoking, Levine insists. He explores the history of the workplace, from the evolution from agrarian to industrial economies, and the dominance of sit-down jobs and leisure that is spreading to developing nations as well. Levine draws on research showing the rise in myriad health issues, from diabetes to cancer to heart disease, that can be traced to a sedentary life style. He goes on to highlight businesses and schools that are working to change their culture to encourage more activity and documenting the benefits in health and greater productivity. At the end of each chapter, Levine challenges readers to test their own levels of chair dependency and devise strategies for unshackling themselves from the chair. Levine mixes fascinating research, levity, and sound advice in a call to action against the modern sedentary life.

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Doctor Claims Sitting Too Much Will Kill You
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