Antrica Feaster of the Sibley Library is gearing up for the Dino-dig

On Monday, June 19, Sibley Library is traveling back to the Jurassic Period to teach dinosaur enthusiasts how to distinguish herbivores from carnivores. We’ll be digging up all kinds of fossils and bones and then identifying what kind of dinosaur the artifacts came from.

The Dinosaur Bones dig begins at 11 am, with the expedition expected to last until 12:30 pm. Grab your shovels and picks and come to learn about all different variations of prehistoric marvels!

Space is limited. Please contact Sibley Library at (770) 528-2520 to reserve your spot today.

Sibley Library is located at 539 South Cobb Drive in Marietta 30060. (770) 528-2520

Dinosaur Fossil Dig at Sibley Library on June 19th, 2017
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