ABeetleIsShyExplore new books about insects just added to the Cobb County Library’s Juvenile Collection.

In A Beetle is Shy, Dianna Hutts Aston’s well researched text combined with Sylvia Long’s stunning watercolor images of a wide variety of beetles bring these fascinating bugs to life.

Super Bug Encyclopedia : The Biggest, Fastest, Deadliest Creepy-crawlies on the Planet by John Woodward is a budding entomologist’s dream. Which insect is the deadliest? (Hint: you’ve probably been stung by one). Which insect is unsinkable? Which is the smallest flying insect? Learn the answers to these questions and many more interesting facts in this comprehensive book.

Several community organizations will be presenting special events during the 2016 Cobb County Public Library System’s Summer Reading Program. The free programs will feature scientists, naturalists, public health educators, police officers, firefighters, expert gardeners and even savvy puppets! Learn more at cobbcat.org/srppartners or call (770) 528-2320.

Creepy Crawlies on the Move
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