There is a chance of snow flurries for the weekend in Cobb County, forecasters say. With talk of winter weather in late fall, it’s a good time to share stories about snow with our youngest readers offered by Cobb County public libraries.

Here’s one: Wolf in the Snow by Matthew Cordell is a picture book about a little girl and a wolf cub lost in a snowstorm. Basically, the book is wordless, but it could be a conversation starter for kids about weather and much more.

A review by Booklist:

In parallel opening spreads, a little girl says good-bye to her parents and dog as she heads off to school, and a wolf cub ranges across the field with his pack. At day’s end, the girl, wearing a bright red coat and hood (catch that allusion!), heads home as snow begins to fall. The snow thickens across the subsequent pages, and soon she is lost, just as the wolf cub is separated from his pack in the storm. A chance encounter leads to a moment of solidarity: when the wolf cub sinks in the snow, the girl scoops him up, carrying him towards the distant howls of his family. He’s home safe, but she’s still lost until the wolves, realizing a debt is owed, return for her, and their howls bring her own family.

This nearly wordless picture book is a tender, never precious story of kindness and cooperation. The ink-and-watercolor illustrations, though simple, are packed with emotion, while the minimal text relays only sounds: the distant howls of the wolves, the whines of the wolf cub, the girl’s huffs of breath as she struggles through the snow. Cordell’s wolves aren’t cuddly cartoons by any means, but neither are they monsters; instead, they’re realistically depicted wild animals who inherently understand loyalty. Expect this wintry tale to bring only warmth.

1000 Books B4 Kindergarten:

Cold weather, warm hearts: ‘Wolf in the Snow’
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