A timely reminder: Whether you’re free to travel during Thanksgiving holiday week or staying at or near home, there are lots of items at Cobb libraries you may want to check out soon for the holiday break.

Use Cobb County Public Library System resources to expand your options for the holiday week. Catch up a bit on your reading list, locate information resources you need, or find entertaining books or movies. Visit Cobb library locations or the E-Library to stock up.

Visit www.cobbcat.org to check on availability of library items, such as holiday children’s classics.

Reference librarians are happy to look up items for you and to assist in locating recommendations for your search. It’s your chance to locate books, audiobooks, DVDs, ebooks, digital magazines and more to prepare for the holiday rush. You’ll need a library card and you can search, check on availability and reserve items at www.cobbcat.org.

Locate the books you want or something new to you. Find an ebook or audiobook for your long distance journey or for home. Get inspired for the kitchen by browsing the libraries’ collection of recipe books, such as books on holiday cooking. Borrow a few DVDs…Lots of options at your libraries.

According to news reports, the number of Thanksgiving holiday travelers is expected to be on the upswing. AAA predicts more than 46 million Americans travelling at least 50 miles from home, the highest level since 2007. Almost 90 percent will be traveling by automobile. More are also expected to travel by air than in recent years.

Cobb libraries will be closing Wednesday at 5 p.m. and the libraries will be closed Thursday and Friday. The E-Library and other online library resources are available 24 hours a day.

Cobb County Libraries are Holiday Prep Resource Centers
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