For Priscilla O., working through the process for her daughter Gloria and granddaughter Wisdom to obtain permanent visas was a challenge. With the assistance of Nichole Knox, then manager of the Acworth Library, months of walking to the library a few times each week and using the computer to complete the immigration paperwork process resulted in her being reunited with her loved ones for a new life together in Acworth.

From left, Priscilla O. with her daughter Gloria and granddaughter Wisdom, Acworth Library Manager Susan Irvin and Nichole Knox, Vinings Library Manager and former manager of the Acworth branch.

In celebration of her family becoming recently reunited from their home country of Nigeria, Priscilla introduced Nichole Knox, now the manager of the Vinings Library, to her daughter and granddaughter Monday afternoon at the Acworth Library. Priscilla is a U.S. citizen. She is looking forward to her daughter finding employment and eventually obtaining citizenship as well.

Priscilla had a beaming smile Monday as she visited with Ms. Knox and presented her with the gifts of a dress and bag from Nigeria. The family also met Librarian Susan Irvin, the new branch manager of the Acworth Library, and Wisdom explored children’s library books.

Nichole Knox is “a very humble person,” Priscilla said, adding the librarian showed over the months how she reaches out her hand with thoughtful compassion for those in need of support, echoing Proverbs 31. “She tried a lot for me.”

Priscilla last saw Wisdom when she was a newborn before the non-stop flight from Africa brought mother and child to Atlanta in September. Wisdom turns five on Sunday. She started examining Monday how she can become a new Acworth Library patron, too.

Cobb County Librarian Receives Praise for Supportive Role in Reuniting Family in Acworth
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