Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) kicks off on Monday, December 9. CSEdWeek is an annual program that inspires K-12 students to learn about Computer Science and Technology.

Hour of Code initially started as a one hour introductory session in computer science. It is designed to give everyone an opportunity to learn computer science and to show that anyone can learn the basics of coding. It nurtures creativity and encourages people to get engaged and participate in the field of computer science.

The global campaign is introducing basic computer science to tens of millions of people. The hour-long tutorials give the public a chance to explore how to broaden their experience with technology. It has grown into a worldwide effort to celebrate computer science.

Cobb County Public Libraries has several upcoming Hour of Code events, including:

Hour of Code at North Cobb Regional Library on Tuesday, December 10 from 5 pm – 6 pm. Participate in analog and digital technology activities in this hands-on interactive tutorial. 770-801-5320.

Build Your Own Video Game at South Cobb Regional Library on Wednesday, December 11 from 4 pm – 5:30 pm. Participants will get to work with Bloxels in this hands-on platform that allows users to design and play their own retro video games. Recommended Ages: 8 – 13. 678-398-5828.

Banana Piano at South Cobb Regional Library on Thursday, December 12 from 3:30 pm – 5 pm. Children will learn about technology and how computers transfer information through everyday objects. In this workshop, we’ll be using the Makey Makey kit to make banana pianos. All supplies are provided. 678-398-5828.

Hour of Code at Stratton Library on Saturday, December 14 from 1 pm – 3 pm. Our “Girls Who Code” Club will be teaching this interactive course. 770-528-2522.

To learn more about events and programs for Computer Science Education Week visit

“Computer Science Education Week was founded as a call to action to raise awareness about the need to elevate computer science education at all levels and to underscore the critical role of computing in all careers.”

Looking for more coding events? Be sure to check out Mountain View Regional Library’s Intro to Coding offered each Tuesday at 3:30 pm in January 2020 for children in grades 3 – 5. Registration required. To register click here. 770-509-4964.

‘Change the world’: Celebrate Hour of Code, CSEdWeek, Dec. 9-15, 2019
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