Preservation Week 2017 highlights the value of saving documents and images of our personal, family, and community history.

The theme for the 2017 Preservation Week, April 23rd-29th,  is “Pass It On,” as many significant historical items should be kept as precious mementos and protected from loss.

The main goal of Preservation Week is to inform the public about preservation strategies and methods, like saving family photographs, important documents, and digital records and images as a link to the past to pass on to the future generation.

Preservation Week was founded in 2010 and is a joint initiative of the American Library Association (ALA) and its partners, including the Library of Congress, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Heritage Preservation, and the Society of American Archivists.

The staff of the Georgia Room, CCPLS’ genealogical and historical collection at the Switzer Library in downtown Marietta, offer information and resources on preservation and historical research.

A special program in honor of Preservation Week at in the Georgia Room is scheduled for Wednesday, April 26 at 7 pm. Join us as we give a special presentation on family history, genealogy, and historical research. The topic “Preserving Family Papers and Photographs” covers a wide variety of subjects, from properly handling important keepsakes to best store and protect priceless historical objects. (770) 528-2333

Information about Preservation Week 2017 can be found at The site includes preservation tips, including how veterans and their families can save documents and images related to military service, archiving digital photos, preserving textiles, and other topics.

The ALA is presenting webinars during Preservation Week. The webinars are free, registration is required. Webcasts from previous Preservation Weeks are also available.

The 2017 Preservation Week webinars schedule include:

Free webcasts from previous Preservation Weeks include Preserving Your Digital Life, Moving Image Preservation, Digital Preservation for Individuals and Small Groups, From Cassette to Cloud: Reformatting Audiotape, Taking Care: Family Textiles, Accidents Happen: Protecting & Saving Family Treasures, and Disaster Preparedness. Webcasts by the ALA’s Association for Library Collections & Technical Services are at the ALCTS Preservation play list on YouTube.

First Wednesday in the Georgia Room, ‘Research and Refreshments’ – May 3, 7 pm to 8 pm: Genealogical Technology Workshop. Explore the tech available for your research efforts. (770) 528-2333

Celebrate Preservation Week 2017: ‘Pass It On’
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