Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14th, and we invite children of all ages to celebrate with a good book from your Cobb County public libraries.

Is there anything a mommy can’t do? This is the question posed in author Carl Norac’s children’s book, My Mommy is Magic.

There are many ways mommies are amazing. They chase monsters away. They make flowers grow. They make boo-boos better. They’re even so magical that they can pass their magic on to their children!

Norac’s story about how mommy is magic is an adventure for toddlers and young children everywhere to see all the great things that mothers do.


Mothers watch their children learn and grow. But before kids can go out into the world they have to take the first step. In Ari Berk’s Nightsong, a mother bat helps her baby bat do just that.

When little Chiro tells his mother that he is nervous about his first flight in the world all by himself during a dark night, his mother encourages him by letting him know that he has a song that the world will recognize and sing back to him.

Chiro is soon off on an adventure in which he learns to navigate the night using his “song”. He learns how to overcome his fears and rely upon his senses as he explores the world.

Berk uses simple storytelling that conveys a much deeper meaning in the book. The concept that a mother’s love can help you find your way in life is one that all ages can understand.


Children love to get into mischief. None more-so than Dinosaur in Bob Shea’s Dinosaur vs. Mommy.

Shea uses bold graphics, bright colors, and simple words to tell the humorous tale about a rambunctious little dinosaur who keeps mommy busy from the moment she wakes up.

A mother’s love is a very special thing, and it is showcased in this book. Despite Dinosaur doing crazy things like throwing underwear around and flushing toys down the potty it’s made clear that mommy still loves her baby. It’s a message that mothers and children can all appreciate.


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Celebrate Mother’s Day With a Picture Book