Sunday, June 18th is Father’s Day and to celebrate all the dads in our community, we invite our patrons to check out the books we have in our “rad dad” collection.

In My Dad, by Anthony Browne, a little boy boasts about the many accomplishments of his brave and cool dad. The reader gets to learn all about dad’s talented singing, professional wrestler skills, and his uncanny ability to eat without getting full.


Father’s Day, by Anne F. Rockwell, follows the children in a second grade classroom making special gifts for their dads for Father’s Day. The children take turns talking about what they love best about their fathers and tell stories about talents and funny habits that daddies have.


Melinda Hardin’s Hero Dad tells the story of a superhero dad who wears a special kind of uniform. He doesn’t wear a cape, but he wears soldier fatigues. Following the story and the illustrations that bring the words to life, children learn about the every day superheroes in the military who fly through the air, drive fancy automobiles, and much more.


Following Papa’s Song, by Gianna Marino, tells the tale of a young Humpback Whale who has never migrated along the coast. Understandably, the little whale is nervous, but Papa takes the time to answer all of his baby whale’s questions about the journey. The baby whale soon learns that the song of the whales will always guide him to where he needs to be.



In Sindy McKay’s Museum Day, a little girl and her father spend the day exploring all the different displays and exhibits at a museum. The picture book, which is designed for adults and kids to read together, provides an opportunity for kids to build their confidence in reading while celebrating bonds that fathers have with their children.




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Celebrate Father’s Day with a Picture Book