Saturday, April 22, 2017 is Earth Day,  the annual  celebration observed since 1970 for raising public awareness about environmental protection and the preservation of our natural resources.

Celebrate this Earth Day with a film from the Cobb County Public Library today!

Here are just a few in our collection:


Wall-E, an animated film follows the story of a lonely robot looking for a purpose in life. Wall-E has spent hundreds of years alone with only a single cockroach for a friend, but when a mysterious robot shows up unexpectedly, he falls in love.

Set decades in the future, the Earth has become inhabitable for humans, leaving Wall-E behind, but when humans become curious about whether or not the planet is safe to live on again they send in a robot named EVE. The film tells the tale of a robot in love, but it also stresses the importance of taking care of the planet.

With themes about environmental waste and pollution brought to the forefront it can open up many discussions on what we can do to preserve the Earth.


African Cats, a documentary set in the African Savanna, tells the story of two different families of predatory cats in the wild. Deep in the heart of Africa, a blended family of lions and cheetahs work together to survive the tough terrain.

The film offers up-close and breathtaking moments with these majestic animals. It’s a tale of love and survival that highlights the ups and downs of animals cohabiting together in the wild. The film contrasts how animals work with each other and against each other.

Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, African Cats is a powerful story about nature and the importance of protecting it.



Chimpanzee is a nature documentary about a young Chimpanzee named Oscar who is orphaned after his mother dies. Oscar does his best to survive on his own, but he proves to be too young and inexperienced to make it without help.

He starts reaching out to other chimpanzees only to be rejected by nearly all of them. The females are too busy tending to their own young to worry about Oscar, and the males are too busy protecting their families from rival groups.

Against all odds, Oscar befriends a tough alpha male chimpanzee named Freddy. Soon after, the two develop a bond unlike any other. The documentary is an educational look into familial settings in the animal kingdom as well as an awe-inspiring lesson about nature and what we can learn from it.


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Celebrate Earth Day with a Movie from your Cobb County Public Library
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