My library received some new young adult books the other day, and that got me thinking: what sorts of new graphic novels and manga have we gotten? As a librarian extraordinaire I’m confident in my catalog searching abilities, and I thought I’d share some neat tips for quickly finding graphic novels, manga, or anything else!

First, visit  and click the Power Search link on the left hand side of the page.



Find the Location box and choose an area you’d like the catalog to search. Scroll all the way down to find Young Adult Graphic Novels or Young Adult Manga. Now click search- you don’t need to fill in any other information (like title, author, etc.)



And voilà! A beautiful list of graphic novels and manga! A note: there are some graphic novels cataloged under manga and vice versa so you may want to go through both lists. For instance, Ouran High School Host Club (omgIcan’tbelievewehavethis!!) is on page 4 of Young Adult Graphic Novels.


catalog tip!
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