Did you attend our virtual program with Ranger Jake from Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park and the Switzer Library children’s staff? If not, you can find it on our Facebook page! If so, here’s an activity from Ms. Patty that you can do at home!


Ranger Jake has talked to us about different kinds of National Parks – historical, natural, and battlefield parks. Here is an activity to help plan and be ready when the parks are again open: I challenge you to plan a trip!  Go to nps.gov and select a state and then a park to “visit”. Make a checklist of what you want to see at the park. You can download hiking trail maps, historical information, and other facts and warnings about the parks you want to visit. You can even google “National Park Webcams” and see live pictures of different parks.  If you are lucky, you may spot elk or buffalo or even Old Faithful erupting at Yellowstone!  So cool!


Make your list for Kennesaw Mountain Park, too, and be ready for a visit when the park reopens! Remember to follow ALL rules in the park: Stay on the trails; Do NOT dig; Do NOT pick plants; All artifacts MUST remain in the park. Here’s my suggestion of things to do when you are able to visit Kennesaw Mountain:
  • Visit the Visitor Center to get information and a map.
  • Watch the orientation movie.
  • Find a cannon and an original earth work from the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.
  • Where is the “Dead Angle”?
  • Only one original structure still stands in the park.  What is it? (hint: it is NOT open to the public)
  • Do you see trees which may have been struck by artillery?
  • Some lucky people actually see the bullets (called minnie balls) which wash out onto the trails after rain storms. Do you see any?
  • Look for wild turkey, lizards, snakes, and deer.
  • Identify poison ivy.
  • Can you identify trillium, jack in the pulpits, and lady slippers? What are they?
  • There are cactus growing in one location in the park…have you found them yet?!
My plan is to visit The Dry Tortugas in Florida! And of course to keep visiting Kennesaw Mountain. Have fun!
Build a National Park with Ranger Jake!