Kids, have you ever wanted the chance to travel in time?  Switzer Library is offering you the chance Wednesday afternoon to go all the way back to the Roman Empire! Blast From the Past is an interactive history program kicking off at 4 pm, with the time machine scheduled to return by 5 pm.

Enjoy the festivities of an Ancient Roman birthday party, pick your own Roman name, and craft special good luck charms that date back centuries. You’ll get to wear togas and other official Roman garb and see how they lived in the Roman era. Learn about the class system, become an expert on Roman numerals, and much more!

The April 26th event is for elementary age children. A parent must accompany all kids on this journey!

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Puckett at (770) 528-2320.

Blast From the Past: Kids Will Travel Back Wednesday to Ancient Rome!
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