Some authors are just so popular that we buy their books months before they’re released because we know that you’re just going to love them. (We refer to these as “Automatically Yours” titles.) So, go ahead and take a look at the titles below – and get your holds in now, before there’s a long line!

Beautiful   Day Hilderbrand, Elin 6/25/2013
Bombshell Coulter, Catherine 7/9/2013
Choke   Point Pearson, Ridley 6/18/2013
Light   of the World Burke, James Lee 7/16/2013
Lost   Daughters Monroe, Mary 5/28/2013
Please   Don’t Tell Adler, Elizabeth 7/9/2013
Second   Honeymoon Patterson, James 6/24/2013
Sweet   Salt Air Delinsky, Barbara 6/18/2013
Tell   Me Jackson, Lisa 6/25/2013
The   English Girl Silva, Daniel 7/16/2013
The   Heist Evanovich, Janet 6/18/2013
The   Light in the Ruins Bohjalian, Christopher A. 7/16/2013
Trains   and Lovers McCall Smith, Alexander 6/11/2013
True   Love Deveraux, Jude 7/2/2013
Unseen Slaughter, Karin 7/2/2013
Untitled Flynn, Vince 5/7/2013


Automatically Yours Titles