You love new books, right? Us, too!

Here’s a list of books that we recently purchased. They won’t be available for a few months – they haven’t even been published yet! (But you can go ahead and place them on hold.)

Never Go Back Child, Lee 9/3/2013
Claire of the Sea Light Danticat, Edwidge 8/27/2013
The Whole Enchilada Davidson, Diane Mott 8/27/2013
Second Watch Jance, Judith A. 9/10/2013
I, Saul Jenkins, Jerry B. 8/27/2013
The Secret Keeper Lewis, Beverly 9/3/2013
Beloved Enemy Lustbader, Eric 9/10/2013
The Miner’s Lady Peterson, Tracie 9/1/2013
Bones of the Lost Reichs, Kathy 8/27/2013
The Family Business Weber, Carl 8/27/2013






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