I usually write about teen novels that have to do with bullying or some other serious subject matter.  However, this time around I want to highlight a new non-fiction series about dealing with bullying. There are many titles in the series, like “Bullied by Girls” and “Bullied to Belong.”  The title I looked at was “Bullied in Cyberspace.” There are all kinds of facts about the seriousness of this newer way of bullying. Did you know that

“58% (of young cyber bullies) did it to get back at someone or said their target deserved it”

Really, does anybody DESERVE to be bullied in any way?

The series also contains incidents of real teens and their experiences with bullying. For example, after a boy shut down his social media pages due to bullying, his tormenters

“used a survey page to create a poll.  They asked people to vote on whether they should set fire to him, stab him, or tie bricks to him and throw him in the river.”

It’s hard to imagine that anyone has to endure this, but sadly, bullying is a common occurrence in most schools.

There are a lot of good things about this series. The only thing that bothered me was that some of the solutions were too clean and simple. Bullying is usually not something with clear solutions or easy answers, but still, this series does tackle a difficult subject that I think many teens will relate to.

Find this series at your library.

Anti-Bullying Basics series
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