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Board of Trustees

The Cobb County Public Library Board of Trustees is a nine-member volunteer board made up of local citizens appointed by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners. Each trustee serves a 3-year term and may serve successive terms. The trustees set library policy and advise on activities. The Library Board holds regular meetings at the Central Library and branch library locations on a rotating schedule and are open to the public.

Jim Croft, Chairman
Peggy Holbrook, Vice-Chairman
Peggy Pool, Secretary
Cherrie Coleman-Graffread
Jamila Haven
Michael Murphy
Abby Shiffman
Ellen Springer
G. Leslie Still

2014 Library Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule
The Board will hold regular meetings at 6:30 p.m. at the following libraries:

  • January 27 - Switzer
  • February 24 - Gritters
  • March 24 - Switzer
  • April 28 - Kennesaw
  • May 19 - Kemp
  • June 23 - Switzer
  • August 25 - South Cobb Regional
  • September 22 - Switzer
  • October 27 - West Cobb Regional
  • November 24 - Switzer